Tim Krüger

The First Post

blog • 2 min read

Hi, I’m Tim and this is my blog. I like it simple, I like coffee and I would like to improve my language skills. This is why I´m having this blog, I think it´s the best way to share knowledge.


I’ll blog mainly about software development and Apple stuff. But being a big coffee nerd and heavy user of the [AeroPress] 1 will make it very likely to touch other topics in addition.

Another (personal) wish related to this blog is to improve my English language and particulary writing skills. Matt Gemmell with his post [Language Skills] 2 made me aware that language skills are important for developers. As a software developer I´ve to read a lot of English documentation every day, however it´s just reading, I don´t have to write or talk in English. My native and daily language is German.


I like it simple. And because of that this blog is static. That means every site is entirely static HTML. There is no PHP, MySQL or blogging engine in the backend. The complete site is generated on my local machine and afterwards uplodaed to my web hoster. The benefit is speed and low server requirements.

The generator I use is [Jekyll] 3 [Hugo] 7. My hole blog is avaiable on [GitHub] 5 and my posts are available [here] 6.

My hoster are the awesome guys from [Uberspace] 4.

Please …

… help me to improve my English. If you find mistakes (you will), please send me an e-mail. Another option is directly to file an issue or create a pull-request on my posts.